Complaining can be worthwhile!

Where can you complain?

European players can complain to the MGA as licensor in case of problems with MGA licensed casinos. We help to get success! This can be worthwhile as there are always ambiguous formulations in bonus conditions or terms and conditions. By the way, this does not mean that the respective casino is dubious because it happens very often unintentionally.

You have to keep this in mind before a complaint

Before you play in a casino with a bonus, be sure to read the bonus terms. Observe the banned games and the minimum bet. Very important: In the case of bonus buys, it is not the bet on which you buy the bonus that counts, but the purchase amount. Should there ever be a problem with a casino trying to resolve it via live chat. Only when this does not work does the MGA turn on as a supervisory authority. If you have not tried to solve the problem in the live chat beforehand, the MGA will not open a case.

We have helped successfully

We offer not only players who play through our tested and trusted links, but also others our help in solving problems. Thanks to our excellent contacts with the casinos, the Maltese press and the MGA, there is a high success rate here. If you have problems, you can always send an email to and we try to help.

The Case

About 8 weeks ago, a player contacted us, who was refused a payout of 1400€. It is alleged that it violated the bonus conditions and therefore was not entitled to the payment. We immediately reviewed the casino’s bonus terms and terms and conditions and found differences between the two. The formulations in the bonus terms directly below the promotions were different from those in the Terms and Conditions. While the information in the Terms and Conditions was clear, the information in the bonus conditions was not.

This was communicated to the casino. This continued to refuse the payout so we recommended to the player a complaint to the MGA. We helped with the formulation. Now came the decision of the MGA. What are we to say? It was a complete success. The player will receive the full sum of 1400€ back and the bonus conditions of the casino have already been clearly and transparently adjusted. Case closed!

We help if you need us!

You have problems with an MGA Casino? Then contact by e-mail and we will try to help you immediately. We also recommend you to play at the casinos via our links, as we will have even better access to the decision-makers. The above case shows that it may be worth complaining. If you are unsure ask us!

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